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Indiana, USA

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Conquer The Game With Imperial

Imperial came to life in 2017 when Co-Founders Tevin Jones and Zach Pierce founded the company. The mission of Imperial is to spread the love of the sport and spread the Word. Imperial wants to work with the best in the industry while also helping out the "little guys." Imperial is always improving and expanding, and is on the search for talent to sponsor. Become a part of the team that is conquering the game of disc golf, Team Imperial.

The goal of Imperial is “Conquer: Through Growing and Spreading.”


The “Conquer: Through Growing and Spreading” is our goal to grow our team and create a great competitive team in the Disc Golf community. A team that can go up against the “greats” that are on teams like Innova and Discmania. We want to have a community where we can grow in our skills as a team. Improving our game is always on our mind! 


And Spreading. Our goal is to spread the gospel, spread Disc Golf, and spread our company! We want to help everyone in the world hear about the Gospel and to know the sport of Disc Golf!


We also want to respect, love, and honor everyone that is a part of our team! We want to allow everyone on our team to have a voice. We want to be a family and be the name of Disc Golf!